Evans Premium WordPress Theme

Evans is a Premium WordPress theme. It is responsive, customizable and very feature rich.

Of all the WordPress themes I’ve created, Evans is the most extensive and feature heavy. Nothing before it has been as advanced, nor has there been any other theme with which I have worked on that has been able to do so much. – Me

That being said, let’s get down to explaining Evans.

Evans is a responsive, customizable WordPress 3.5 theme. It is built around the idea that you as a webmaster should be able to easily control your own site. With that in mind, many features of Evans can be enabled or disabled, and posts and pages can have different layouts than others. This can make the look of Evans change from site to site, using the built in settings in the ACWPThemes Options.


The homepage of Evans features a content slider (Category based or Manual), and a homepage builder section. The Slider can be set to display posts based on category, tags, and sticky status. There are two designs and two sizes for the slider.

The Homepage Builder is sortable and enables you to add single categories, multiple categories, advertisements and Page Builder templates. The categories can be presented using any of the 17 styles we’ve included, including the slider, carousel, tiny images, and more.

Since the builder is sortable, you can easily move around the sections of your homepage to test different orders.

Layout Changes Made Easy

By default, the entire site is set to have a right sidebar, but that can be changed globally for:

  • The Homepage
  • The Blog
  • Gallery Posts
  • Video Posts
  • Pages
  • Archive
  • BBPress (if installed)
  • Other Pages (pages not already defined above)

Set the sidebar to the left, right, or remove it completely. This can also be overridden by individual posts and pages, allowing you the power to manage your pages individually against the global settings.

The archives are also capable of using the majority of the same presentation styles that the Homepage uses.

Create unlimited Sidebars with the built in Sidebar Manager

Evans has a built in Sidebar Manager, allowing you to create additional sidebars for use on posts and pages, as well as specific post types, categories and tags. This can be very beneficial for targeting advertising on specific posts and pages, as well as targeting specific widgets for specific posts and pages. An example would be using the Featured Post widget to show a post from a specific category on the sidebar for that category, helping to reduce bounce rate and increase traffic flow.

Sidebars can also be selected on the Post and Page screens of WordPress, overriding any sidebar they may have already been assigned. This means you can give a specific post or page a specific sidebar.

Skins and Styling

Evans comes with 5 skins which can be easily activated in the ACWPThemes Options panel. The skin can be used as is or modified using the custom color options. For more extensive changes, we have provided ways to use your own CSS.

We have also included 30+ Background images from Subtlepatterns.com to easily change the background of your site. You can also upload your own.


  • 12 Blog Templates
  • 2 Contributors Templates
  • Sitemap Template
  • 16 custom widgets
  • Custom Shortcode plugin
  • Breadcrumbs built in
  • Translation Ready
  • RTL Ready
  • Google Fonts selector
  • Much, much more

Evans will be available through ACWPThemes.com. For a demo, click here. For a list of skins available for Evans, click here.