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Backup WordPress Before You Update

Category:   Blog | November 16th, 2017
Before updating your WordPress website, make sure to create a full backup. These tools can help make sure you're ready in case of unexpected trouble.

Wondering “Where did my tweet count go?” Read this.

Category:   Marketing | November 24th, 2015
If you use Tweet buttons on your web pages, you probably noticed that your tweet count has vanished. Learn why and what you can do next.

In the Design Lab: A long awaited update

Category:   Blog | August 18th, 2015
It's time we get an update going! Wondering what we've been up to over the last few years? Check out our latest In the Design Lab post and find out!

Redeveloped and Badass: DJ Swamp.com Relaunches

Category:   Blog | May 18th, 2014
I recently redeveloped the website for legendary turntablist and music producer DJ Swamp. It has been completely overhauled and rocks harder than ever.

Big news for WP Big News, the WordPress Magazine Theme

Category:   Wordpress Themes |
WP Big News is a free magazine style WordPress Theme. It now features a powerful admin panel, custom widgets and much more.

Turning the Power Up at Powerup PCs

Category:   Blog | April 5th, 2013
Powerup PC's has just gotten a new face lift for their website. The WordPress powered site just got supercharged for this Asheboro computer repair company.
WP Big News Featured

WP Big News WordPress Theme

Category:   Wordpress Themes | June 7th, 2012
WP Big News is a Free Wordpress Theme designed for use by news websites. It features an admin options panel to configure options and views.

Should You Build Your Own Website?

Category:   Articles | April 30th, 2012
Sometimes the answer to this question is yes, but you should also know what you're getting into when you build your own website.

Endless Scrolling: Why I’m not a fan of auto paging

Category:   Articles | March 13th, 2012
Auto paging is a feature many websites use in place of traditional pagination. I'm not a big fan of this design trend, and here's why.

Good, Fast, Cheap: Which two are best?

Category:   Articles | February 8th, 2012
Usually you can only have two of the three qualities we all want in work we need done. Out of good, fast, and cheap, which combo is best?