In the Design Lab: A long awaited update

It's time we get an update going! Wondering what we've been up to over the last few years? Check out our latest In the Design Lab post and find out!

As you may have noticed, our blog posting and site updates haven’t been made anywhere near as often as they should. That will soon change, but I’ll get to that in a moment. First, let’s get you caught up on what’s been going on for the last few years.

Over the last few years, we have done a lot of work for various people around the world, but it isn’t always mentioned. In fact, only a small percentage of the work done is displayed or talked about here. In some cases it is because we are often contracted out to provide our services for another design or development company. It wouldn’t look good for them if we advertised that we were actually the ones behind the work they sold.

This is something that a lot of developers do. The truth is that some people who sell websites do little if any work on them. I know how odd that sounds, but for some, they are simply a project manager who contracts others to do the work they sell. For example, a while back a Malaysian company contracted us to build a content management system for them. After developing the system, they used it to in resold websites they provided to their web design clients. This is perfectly normal and we are happy to offer this service.

Developing for WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular pieces of software on the planet. It powers millions upon millions of websites around the world, from basic blogs and small businesses store fronts to major news outlets like Time and Tribune Broadcasting (the force behind 42 local television stations, like Fox 8 WGHP). Needless to say, WordPress has become pretty important in its 12 year history.

WP Big News WordPress Theme

WP Big News is a free WordPress Theme for magazines, newspapers and blogs.

A few years ago we began to shift our web design work to lean more on WordPress theme and plugin development. We have made it a priority to not just use WordPress, but to create the themes we use. This is not the way most web design shops operate. Most choose to buy a theme off of a shelf. In our case, we make the thing on the shelf.

At this moment, we have three free WordPress themes available for anyone to download and use: WP Big News, WP Battlefield, and Basic Start. We also have Premium WordPress themes coming down the pipe, built on top of ACWP Core, our WordPress theme framework.

Our WordPress development is provided under Asheboro Creative WordPress Themes, or ACWPThemes for short. This is a WordPress shop which we will soon be opening to the public to offer our themes and plugins.

Helping small businesses and do-it-yourself webmasters

We understand that not everyone who needs a website will hire a web designer. Some choose to go at it on their own. While this can be hugely challenging in some cases, finding help you can understand can sometimes be just as difficult. We are working to change that.

Another extension we are launching soon is a blog for helping those who know very little about setting up or maintaining a website. It features several helpful articles on managing your hosting space, your website itself (with emphasis on WordPress), and several other topics that a webmaster will need to know. The goal is to provide information in an easy to understand way and create a learning tool for small businesses and novice webmasters to use to better manage their website.

Knocking the dust off

We do a lot of work for others, and because of that, we tend to forget that our own site hasn’t seen a design update in 5 years. It’s hard to imagine that sometimes, but it’s true. We launched in 2007 and have undergone three major design changes, with the third one being what you see now. It’s time for a fourth.

Our site is in a large-scale redevelopment stage and nearing a relaunch. It is a tremendous overhaul that we have worked on for several months and aims to bring current a lot of our work and help put more of it on display. Our business has changed over the years and as such, we need to make the necessary changes to our site to allow it to grow with us.

Also, expect to see a new face very soon.


Anyway, this update was long overdue and really in need of being posted. A large wave of updates and newness is coming down the pipe so get ready for the flood to hit!

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