Inside the Design Lab: Staying Busy is Something We Love to Do

In this latest edition of Inside the Design Lab, we're discussing some of our latest work and future projects. Find out what's on deck!

Inside the Design LabWelcome to Inside the Design Lab, a look into what’s going on at Asheboro Creative. From time to time we’ll share some details and information about what we’re working on, what’s coming up and some of the people we’ve worked with.

Lately it seems that time has flown by quickly for us here. Between client work and our web application development, we’ve had a lot of work running across our desks. It has given us a chance to make a couple clients very happy, alter our business payment system, and drop a heavy amount of research and work into our next application.

Two Great Clients We Want to Thank

Recently we had the chance to work with two great clients, David Martz of The Rose Investigations and Sarah Shawd of B2B Ecards. Both David and Sarah were great to work with, and we would like to thank them again for their business. They were both great to work with and we look forward to anything else for us.

Working with David actually gave us some insight into a nice switch to our payment system. We were looking into adding another option and we’ve found that Google gave us a great, easy to use alternative that we’re adding to our methods of payment.

Sarah is no stranger to us. She routinely has something for us to do, and we greatly appreciate it. She knows what she wants but also knows that she can trust us when we make recommendations.

Inside the Design Lab: Our Latest Web Application

In the Design LabIn our design lab, we’ve recently started working on a new web application called Picrate. It’s a photo rating application that allows members to upload photos and have them rated by other members. Think of Hot or Not, but much better and more community oriented.

The application is in early stage development, and the ideas for it are still flowing in. We’re currently running a version of it “in the wild” for testing purposes. This let’s us get a better idea of what it can do and what it needs to do. We’ve learned a lot from the community that is using it.

Since the project is still in development, we aren’t yet sure when it’s going to be released. We’ll keep you posted on the blog, in our Applications section and in future editions of In the Design Lab.

Coming Soon to a Monitor Near You

Next week we’ll be delivering a series of articles on starting your website. These five articles are aimed at those who want a website but don’t know where to start. Each one offers insight as to what steps to take and how to take them.

Check us out next week and watch our Twitter page for more updates, and look for the next edition of Inside the Design Lab.

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