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Starting a Website: Choosing Web Hosting

Category:   Articles | August 30th, 2009
If you're starting a website, one of the choices you will have to make is where to host it. Every website needs a home, but what kind?

Starting a Website: Deciding on Features

Category:   Articles | August 29th, 2009
When you're starting a website, you need to decide what features it will have. Careful planning in the beginning can be highly beneficial.

Starting a Website: Choosing a Domain Name

Category:   Articles | August 28th, 2009
When starting a website, one of the key elements is deciding your on domain name. Here are five tips to help choose a great domain.

Starting a Website: What is the Purpose of Your Website?

Category:   Articles | July 27th, 2009
Starting a website begins with defining it's purpose. Knowing what the site should do is the foundation of the design and strategy.

Inside the Design Lab: Staying Busy is Something We Love to Do

Category:   Blog | July 23rd, 2009
In this latest edition of Inside the Design Lab, we're discussing some of our latest work and future projects. Find out what's on deck!

Five Must Haves for Any Business Website

Category:   Articles | June 15th, 2009
Here is a list of 5 necessary elements of any business website. Read through it and let it help improve your own business website.

Cross Browser Compatibility is Important

Category:   Articles |
Find out why you should check your browser for cross browser compatibility problems. Your website should look the same to everyone.

Prevent spam with reCAPTCHA

Category:   Articles | June 14th, 2009
Keep your website's forum, guestbook and message board clean with reCAPTCHA, a free Google product. Prevent spam from ruining your website.

Improve Your Brand Awareness

Category:   Articles | June 10th, 2009
Gain more customers by becoming better known. Small businesses can benefit from these three tips on how to improve their brand awareness.

Client Testimonial: “Best experience ever!”

Category:   Blog | June 8th, 2009
We recently received a client testimonial after working on a project for Sarah Shawd. It was so nice that I wanted to share it here.