Redeveloped and Badass: DJ Relaunches

I recently redeveloped the website for legendary turntablist and music producer DJ Swamp. It has been completely overhauled and rocks harder than ever.

DJ SwampLegendary turntablist and music producer DJ Swamp tours the world, tearing records to pieces and amazing crowds with killer performances. For years fans have been able to reach him through his website and social presence. His online store has given them a direct outlet to all of his work, making it easy for a fan to order music and other Swamp merchandise with just a few clicks of the mouse.

DJ Swamp’s website was in need of a redesign. What it got was a much more than that.

The site runs on the WordPress platform, making it powerful, scalable and easy to manage. It features a custom built WordPress theme that made the site easily expandable able to be molded into what it needed to be. From special designs for different sections and unlimited custom sidebars to a custom plugin and media at the forefront, this version makes the previous run and hide.

The ACWP Shows plugin was built because previous event plugins were either failing to work correctly or didn’t offer what was needed for the site. This plugin uses core WordPress ability to do what it needs to do, works on it’s own page via a jQuery pop and can be included anywhere using the included widget.

Since DJ Swamp is all about music, jPlayer was used to add the ability for his fans to listen to snippets of his albums directly off of the site. Videos are also available, streaming directly from Youtube thanks to Youtube Channel Gallery (which saved a lot of time).

The main page of the site is based off of a flyer that DJ Swamp provided. The flashy design with the in your face record he is throwing helped to inspire the look and feel of the site.

The store software (OpenCart) was also upgraded. Additional modifications were made as needed, though out of the box it’s very powerful on it’s own.

You can check out DJ Swamp’s website here, his videos on Youtube and his store to pick up his latest work.

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