Turning the Power Up at Powerup PCs

Powerup PC's has just gotten a new face lift for their website. The WordPress powered site just got supercharged for this Asheboro computer repair company.

As the moto goes, Powerup PC’s is Asheboro’s Computer Repair Company. It offers personal service and in home repair, something that it has been doing since 2009. Unfortunately, the website was also stuck from around that same era.

Recently, the Powerup PC’s website went into renovation. The goal was to keep everything simple and easy for the visitors, while still remaining slick and professional. We also wanted to stick with WordPress, a very popular and highly powerful content management system.

Just coming off of development of a very extensive WordPress theme named Evans, I decided to let it handle the heavy lifting for us. With that, Powerup PC’s was given new life. The site now features a tech blog (of which I write for) to help answer a questions and provide useful information to site visitors. The updates and orginal content helps to keep Google happy, as well as keep the customer base informed on different issues that they many be facing at one time or another.

Because Evans is multipurpose and capable of being more than it seems in the demo, Powerup PC’s was able to take advantage of several key features, including the Sidebar Manager and Page Builder. The front page uses our custom Homepage Builder and integrates the Aquagraphite Page Builder into it to allow us to do more with the front page than display categories.

Making use of Featured Images is something that Evans loves to do, and with Powerup PC’s utilizing photos to better explain the stories or information being displayed, it helps to make the site much more eye catching and appealing to the visitor.

Powerup PCs is a great company to work with, so if you’re in need of assistance with a PC going crazy or a game system that needs to go online, contact them today.

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