We Won the Web 3.0 Web Design Award

Surpass Hosting, LLC recently awarded us the Web 3.0 Web Design Award for our work with web site design. Thank you, Surpass Hosting!

Web Design AwardEach year, Orlando web hosting company Surpass Hosting, LLC holds an award showcase that allows the clients to vote under various categories. Clients and staff select and vote on the nominees The awards given included Web Hosting Expert, Nerdy Award, and the Web 3.0 Award. This year, we took home the Web 3.0 Web Design Award!

“Who is so past 2.0 that your head is spinning?” – Kayla Fleming, Surpass Hosting

The Web 3.0 Award is based on design trends, and our work is why we were given the nomination and the win. They show our ability and our attention to what matters. We very much appreciate this award and thank those who voted for us. It helps solidify our company, showing that we do exactly what we say we do. We build cross browser websites that are easy to navigate, maintain, and work correctly. Plus, we do it with style!

Our work earned this web design award

Our web design work is something that we aim to be memorable and attractive. Nothing stale, nothing out dated. We want your web site to be great, with a look and feel that you can be proud of. That is why we won this web design award. It has put a smile on our faces ear to ear, and we’re glad we could do the same for others.

Again, thank you very much to Surpass Hosting and those who voted for us. We’re very grateful for this award.

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