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WP Big News is a Free Wordpress Theme designed for use by news websites. It features an admin options panel to configure options and views.

Asheboro Creative's Free WordPress Theme WP Big NewsThe latest WordPress theme I’ve created was inspired from various news websites (in particular the design of Foxnews.com circa 2012). It’s big and ready for you to install right now, but let’s go through a few things about this theme.

Out of the box, the theme functions as any other blog theme would. It has a regular list of posts and individual pages for posts, pages, 404 errors, and searching. Like previous themes I’ve made, it also supports menus. This one has has a main menu at the top and another below the logo and oversized search box. The menus are drop down so you can set a second level for using the mouse hover effect.

The theme also supports featured images. The images display on the list of entries and on the individual pages.

It has Theme Options!

WP Big News Featured BlockPrevious themes I’ve created haven’t utilized the Theme Options power of WordPress, but this one does. I wanted to be able to do not just a regular blog roll on the front page, but a better looking display to catch your attention. For that, I needed to use add the switching functionality in the backend.

The theme has three looks: standard blog, blog + featured block, and magazine. The only difference between standard and + featured block is that on the homepage and “previous” pages, you will see a featured section at the top. It is selectable from the Options page and can be set to any category with posts in it.

WP Big News Front Page Magazine ViewMagazine style changes the front page. It still has the featured block but it also lists four other user defined categories. Three of these categories show up as columns beneath the featured block. The last category shows below those as a two column block. Each section utilizes the featured image of each page to help make it pop out and catch visitor attention.

Advertising ready

The theme features four usable areas for placing advertisements. While services like Adsense only allow for three ad placements, you have the option of four already set placement areas to choose from. One is below the second navigation menu at the top of the page, one is in the sidebar at the top, one is just above the footer, and another shows below the Featured block. The one that shows below the Featured Block is also shown under the author information on the bottom of pages. Any option that is left blank will not display anything on the page.

Our Authors Sidebar Widget

A built in widget on the sidebar shows five random authors of your blog. It also displays the article count as well as their most recent article.

WP Big News Single Page ViewBuilt in Related Articles

The theme also features a (very) simple Related Articles block. It relies on WordPress tags to pull its up to 5 results. It can be enabled or disabled on the Options page, just in case you want to use different to deliver related results.

Enable/Disable Features

Each column on the magazine theme can be enabled or disabled from the Theme Options. The related block and featured image on single pages can also be turned on and off.

Author Details

The author details are shown at the bottom of posts, and include the author’s Gravatar, author description, and a list of recent articles they’ve written.

Update to Version 2

We have released a major update to WP Big News! WP Big News Version 2 provides even more for your WordPress powered news/magazine website. We’ve included a front page slider, advanced admin panel, and a greatly improved design for your front end. We’ve also added Bootstrap, making your site fully responsive and ready for mobile visitors.

This is a free theme and available to see in Magazine format on Asheboro Creative’s WordPress Theme Demo Website. Download version 2.0.4 of our free magazine style WordPress theme..

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