Post a Link

Download Post a Link, a free PHP and MySQL application that allows your users to post links that expire from the page after a set amount of time.

An Overview

Post a Link (formerly Time Limit Links) is an application that will let your website visitors post a link to their site on yours. The link information is stored in a MySQL database table and shows on the front page of the application. After an amount of time specified by the administrator, the link will expire from the front page. The number of links allowed to be posted is determined by the administrator.

A little more detail on Post a Link

Post a Link is a small application written for PHP 5. It requires a MySQL database to handle the links that are stored on the site.

Front End

The front end of Post a Link uses XHTML, CSS and JQuery. Links are arranged in blocks around the front of the application. When the application is “full”, no more links may be added until one expires.

Once a link is added it is saved with an expiration time. The expiration time is what determines when it leaves the screen. As links expire from the screen, the old ones move up. Links are also blind and counted on each click.

Simple Admin Interface

The admin interface allows the administrator to view pending links and approve or deny them. The admin may also reactivate old links, delete them one at a time or purge the whole system of links. If there are links that the admin wants to keep, they can be protected from deletion.

The configuration file contains all of the settings for the website.


Post a Link Web Application

Download and Demo

Download Version 1.1 Here | View the Post a Link Demo