Web Design Services

I build websites. Wait, let me explain a little more accurately. I build awesome websites. Web design and development are my core passions in technology and I put them to use when working on projects.

I offer a variety of web design services, plus additional ones such as maintenance, repair and web hosting. Below is a brief run through of some of what I can provide for you. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

Full Website Design

Website Design is a major piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting you online. You want someone who can do it correctly and deliver great results.

Clean cut XHTML and CSS

Web Design DiagramThese are the base components of nearly every website. I know how to use them to create great looking designs that load quickly and correctly across multiple browsers and platforms.

I don’t build with tables, Dreamweaver, or prepackaged templates. I start from scratch and work from there to make your website yours.

Make it do something with PHP

PHPWhen you need your website to do more than just display information, I’m fully capable and ready to work with the PHP programming language. It allows your website to be dynamic, giving a better visitor experience through interactivity such as contact forums, commenting, blogging,  forums and e-commerce.

I can work with off the shelf software like WordPress, PunBB and OpenCart to get you online cheaper and rapidly. I can also build from the ground up if necessary, to give you exactly what you’re looking for.


Many websites that use PHP will also use a database to store and serve information. I work with the MySQL database platform which matches perfectly with PHP. With it, you can store and retrieve records easily and quickly.

Off the Shelf Software

Many people work with off the shelf software. It will get you online quickly and have many of the features you already need. We use WordPress at Asheboro Creative. It manages the website and makes it less time consuming as I don’t have to handle the code maintenance of the system.

I am capable of employing a variety of off the shelf software, including the following:

Content Management


Community Forum (Bulletin Board)

There are others as well, but I am most familiar with the ones listed above. If you have one that I haven’t listed, please feel free to ask about it.

Full Service Management is Available

Full Service ManagementNot everyone wants to manage their own website. I understand that, as I do have websites I handle for others. They provide the content, I handle the rest. Anytime there is a change to be made, I take care of it. This includes:

  • Available software updates
  • Design changes to work in modern browsers
  • Adding new content you provide
  • Responding to Website Questions your visitors have

Having a fully managed website is a great way to keep focused on your business, band or organization.

Website Hosting

Once your website is complete, you will need to have a host for it. There are plenty of options out there for web hosting, and I am one of them. Since I will already have access to your website files and the knowledge of how it needs to be installed, having your website hosted under Asheboro Creative would be the easiest option.

Matchmaker for Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is something necessary for every website. It allows a search engine to understand what your page is about so it knows how to rank it in the results. To do this, researching your keywords, your content, and your competitors could be necessary.

SEO is always changing, so staying ahead of the curve is something that many people strive to do. Since search engines like to tweak their rules to provide better results, you need someone who will do the research necessary for your website. That’s me.

My Website Sucks

Burning computerWeb designers are different. Some do amazing work, while others build nightmares. One thing I’m good at is turning a bad site around. I’ve worked on several projects that were created by bad designers and developers, only to turn it around and fix the issues they caused.

If your website needs someone to rescue it, shoot me an email.