Big news for WP Big News, the WordPress Magazine Theme

WP Big News is a free magazine style WordPress Theme. It now features a powerful admin panel, custom widgets and much more.

A couple years ago, I decided to create a few free WordPress themes. One of the themes I created was a magazine style theme called WP Big News. At the time, it was more advanced than any of the themes I had created.

I thought it was about time to knock the dust off of WP Big News and bring it up to date with my current work. I admit that I may have gone further with this one than I should have. By that I mean that this theme has a lot of features which you would typically find in Premium WordPress themes, not in the free ones. So what kind of things are in this version of WP Big News? Let’s take a look.

New Design for your news website

The look of WP Big News has been overhauled. I wanted to keep the feel of the original theme but bring it into the current year. Keep it clean, but update it and maybe restructure some things.

The same red, white and blue color scheme remains but the typography and layout have been improved. I’ve rebuilt the home page to have 6 different category designs that can be used in 3 different areas on the home page. It also features a the Flexslider content slider, capable of pulling posts based on specific tags or categories.

The posts have also been redesigned. Featured articles can be displayed below the post content and shown in either thumbnail or list format. The author’s information displays with their details and links to additional posts they have made.

Featured images are utilized throughout the site, helping to catch your visitors attention and draw them into different content.

Admin Panel

The admin panel in the original theme was a single page that offered a little over a dozen options. I thought it was about time to crank up the power. WP Big News uses a heavily modified version of NHP Options, giving you a lot of functionality that the previous theme never dreamed of having. Manage your homepage, posts and page options, sidebar layout, and global ACWP widget options directly from the ACWP Theme Options Panel.

Custom Widgets

There are 12 additional widgets that come with WP Big News. Among them are:

ACWP Advert

ACWP Authors

ACWP Featured Post

ACWP Feedburner

ACWP Google+ Badge

ACWP Multi-Ad

ACWP News in Pictures

ACWP Popular Posts

ACWP Recent Comments

ACWP Recent Posts

ACWP Recent Posts Slider

ACWP Social

Bootstrap and other Plugins

Bootstrap was added to help with some of the additional details of the theme. It packs a ton of power behind it that may one day come into play in a bigger way, so keep an eye out for any changes it might bring.

I’ve also added Colorbox to give lightbox ability and Fitvids to make videos responsive.

WP Big News 2 was built on WordPress 3.9, and it fully compatible and passes the Themecheck. Download it at the link below or check out the Demo right here.

Download WP Big News

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